Sarah is an educational entrepreneur, a number 1 best-selling author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in training development, adult education, curriculum design, online learning, virtual reality in vocational training as well as trainer of trainers in adult learning.

Sarah has been in business for over 10 years internationally and currently educates over 3,800 students in more than 120 countries.


In Part 1 of Sarah’s Online Success Journey, you’ll hear about how she journeyed to the path of success…


You’ll find Sarah’s site below.  It’s home to the many course and training options she mentioned on the podcast.  And, to help you on your Journey, if you buy ‘How To Create Your Own Profitable Online Course’ you will get ‘Successfully Promote, Market & Sell Your Online Course’ FREE

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Did you enjoy Part 1?  If you’re ready for more…

Part 2 of this insightful interview with Sarah includes an exploration of her Turning Point,  how she moved from the path to failure onto the path to success.

It’s part of the content that is only available to members of the Online Success Clan.

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