Junior Ogunyemi is the multi-award winning entrepreneur and inspirational speaker turning every-day people into successful business owners. He is also author of the bestselling books “How to be a Student Entrepreneur” and “Young ‘Fed Up’ Professionals”.

During his time at university, Ogunyemi launched several successful ventures and became one of the pioneers of the current “student entrepreneur” buzz around the UK. He has since received many accolades, and as an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur he has worked on various government initiatives advising schools and colleges, he has graced the TED stage and is now teaching his international audiences the art of cultivating an entrepreneurial mind-set and maximizing their potential.


In Junior’s Online Success Journey (*this episode is only one part), you’ll hear about how he journeyed to the path of success…


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> > CLICK HERE to access the Entrepreneur Academy London < <

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