Navigating Career Transitions, The Power of Human Connections, and Growing a Start-Up Tech Business

Are you intrigued by the remarkable journey of individuals who transition from seemingly unrelated fields into the heart of the tech industry?  

Have you ever wondered about the pivotal moments and lessons learned in building a successful business?  

Find out how Shane explored his professional path from the culinary world and oil rigs to the dynamic realm of technology.  


⚉  Shane’s diverse professional experiences  

⚉  How Shane’s upbringing influenced his perspective and career choices  

⚉  The criteria for success  

⚉  The highs and lows of building a company  

⚉ Joining the company and growing the business  

⚉  How to leverage your strengths for business expansion  

⚉  Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Human Connection  

⚉  The importance of mentors  

⚉  Breaking into the field of tech with zero background  

⚉  Fast talk 


Shane Mishler is the Chief Operating Officer for SD Tech. Shane oversees the daily operations of the company. He partners with the owner to design and implement business strategies, plans, and processes. Shane is actively involved in all of the company’s investments, clients, strategic franchise partners, and expansion activities. During his tenure, the company’s revenue has more than tripled, and their active client list includes over 200 companies. 

In Shane‘s Online Success Journey, you’ll hear about how he journeyed to the path of success…

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Patience’s Personal Coaching Course:

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