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My name is Patience…

My personal journey began witPatience LinkedIn 2016h my mother passing away when I was very young, leaving me as an orphan to be raised by my grandparents.

I understand your desire to succeed in business. I have had the heart of an entrepreneur since my youth, and when I was just a child I asked my grandmother for a patch of land to grow vegetables on. I worked the land myself, sweating, carrying fresh water from the river to my tiny patch of land. Selling eggplant to the public was a success, but it was short lived.

My grandmother became a guiding force in my life, and she urged me to leave my business dreams behind and move from our home in Uganda to England to further my studies and become a RGN or Registered General Nurse. As a nurse I have worked in both the private sector and the National Health Service. I have had a wonderful career, but have always been nagged by my dream of having my own business

A few years ago I was invited to a free seminar in London, and the speakers there talked about making money online. I didn’t get the concept at the time, but the speakers were very good and I thought the figures were too good to be true.

I became more and more interested, attending other seminars and events, learning from many mentors and programs about this Online Business journey. One thing kept jumping out at me – if these mentors were so great, why did so many fail at building an online business?

I joined several programs, and developed an obsession about learning why some had great success and so many failed. What could the average person use to move from failure to success?

My passion is to find a success formula – or a variety of success formulas to enable people to live out their dreams and build a successful online business. To accomplish this, I am on a journey to interview successful entrepreneurs, discover the secrets to their success and share them with you.

You can expect to find great content here, from shiny nuggets of information to amazing, life-changing ideas that can help you build and grow your business faster than ever before!

Won’t you join me on this Online Success Journey?  You can always find my top posts here, and please reach out to me if I can help you along the way.


Patience patience@onlinesuccessjourney.com

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