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…and discover more about her journey, her Online Success Journey podcast, and how her personal coaching can help your personal success journey.

Every one who sets out on their own online success journey needs a guide and friend to help them along the way.

My name is Patience, and I’d like to help you undertake this journey, get as much as you can from the experiences of others and unlock real success – online or off – for yourself.


Eggplants and a grandmother’s guidance.

Let me begin by telling me about my journey.

I was born in Uganda, East Africa. My mother passed away when I was young, leaving me to be raised by my grandparents. Even as a child, however, I was an entrepreneur. At seven or eight I asked my grandmother for a patch of land to grow vegetables, and worked that patch myself, sweating hard, carrying fresh water from the river, until I proudly had beautiful eggplants to sell to neighbours and friends.

If I had continued on this path, perhaps today I would be famed throughout Uganda for my eggplants! But my grandmother, an inspiring woman with strong Christian faith, had other ideas.

She urged me to set aside my business ideas and to move to England to study. Because of my love and respect for her, I did just that, qualifying  as a Registered General Nurse (RGN), and going on to enjoy a career in both the National Health Service (NHS) and the private sector.


Failure and success. What was the difference?

Throughout all of this, I never lost my fascination with business, and some years ago decided to attend a free seminar at which speakers explained their experiences of making money online.

At that point I found what they were talking about difficult to understand, yet their success seemed genuine and, I have to say, very attractive.

Over the next few years, I went to lots more seminars. I watched lots of talks and listened to lots of podcasts from these online mentors. And a huge question began to form.

If these people knew so much about this, why had almost all of them failed once, twice, some of them many times?

What was the secret combination that would elude most of these people for years, but which  some would then find to unlock all of the success and riches they’d been looking for?


Online Success Journey. My first big step for people like you.

In 2016 I launched my weekly podcast, ‘Online Success Journey’, to try to answer this question.

Week by week, I invited entrepreneurs from all walks of life, who had set out to try to achieve online success, to talk to me about their journey. What motivated them? What had they tried? What had worked? What had not?

By listening to these amazing people’s journeys, I figured, those of us still making our way could learn and grow and maybe find that magic combination a little sooner.

Over 350 podcast episodes later, Online Success Journey is still going strong, helping entrepreneurs like you and me find the inspiration and answers we need.



In 2021, as we shaped up to the challenges of the new world, I decided to do something new and more active to help people like you and me achieve success.

I wanted this to be limited not to financial success alone, but to encompass success in a wider, more meaningful sense.

So while my Online Success Journey podcast continues to go from strength to strength, rather than only hosting the experiences of others I decided to launch my own live-session coaching program.

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