One-to-one Coaching with Online Success Journey Host,
Patience Nyesigire.

Take The Next Huge Step On Your Own Success Journey.

Are you struggling to unlock the magic combination that will make your online business fly?

Or are you simply looking for more success in your everyday work and life?

Read on! You’re definitely not alone.

I’m Patience Nyesigire, and I’ve been running my weekly podcast, ‘Online Success Journey’, for seven years.

I’ve interviewed over 350 entrepreneurs, asking them for the secrets of their success… and the obstacles they feel made it harder for them to achieve success.

They’re not all multi-millionaires. They’ve not even all found that perfect magic combination yet themselves.

But there’s a common secret I’ve noticed going back through those 350 podcasts, that binds all these successful people together.


Why finding your success secret is so important.

No matter how long it takes people to find success, it seems that they always, in some way, do so by learning two things:

  • How to set clear goals to move them forward effectively;
  • How to use goal setting and other tools to take their productivity to the next level.

Success! How to Set Goals and DOUBLE Your Productivity.

My one-to-one course to help you achieve success in work and life.

I am so grateful for the success I’ve enjoyed since I started Online Success Journey in 2016.

And I’m even more grateful for the priceless wisdom and information that’s been shared with me along the way.

Now… I’m ready to share this with you through my own, personal ‘Success Coaching’ program.

I’m continuing my own Online Success Journey by launching, for the very first time, a program of one-to-one success coaching.

And YOU can be the one to benefit as I share the powerful insights I’ve gained into achieving success.

‘Success! How to Set Goals and Double Your Productivity’ draws on the observations and conclusions from my 350+ hours spent interviewing successful entrepreneurs.

4 high-value Success Topics.

The Power of Goal Setting

Why this is the single most important stage in any business or personal endeavour.

Better Decision Making

How to analyse situations, review possible outcomes and make the right call every time.

Winning With Time Management

Prioritising and scheduling to increase effectiveness and task completion.

Doubling Your Productivity

Priceless steps and techniques to increase your output and actual achievement… x2!


4 live, one hour coaching Zoom sessions.

One-to-one, or in a small group session for 5 entrepreneurs. YOU choose.



2 months of Private Support.

60 Days Private Email or Facebook group support. Again… YOU choose.

See for yourself what people say!

One-to-One or Group?

Choose what’s best for you.



If you listen to my podcast, you will know that I am interested only in helping entrepreneurs achieve success.

Book my ‘Success! How to Set Goals and Double Your Productivity’ coaching today, with total confidence.

If you do not like the course, or do not agree that it has been worth the fee you have paid, I will return 100% of your money to you, without asking any questions.


Book right now and let me help you on the next step of YOUR success journey.

With my ‘Success! How to Set Goals and DOUBLE Your Productivity’ coaching, you can benefit in person from everything I’ve learned while making more than 350 episodes of my podcast, as well as on my own success journey.

With these 4 concentrated hours’ coaching… I know you can go on to enjoy the kind of success you deserve.



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