Stuart Atkins is a marketing consultant, speaker, author, and adjunct professor of digital marketing at the largest school of business in California, Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business & Economics. After working in corporate marketing for over 20 years with companies such as Toshiba America and Kingston Technology, Stuart founded Atkins Marketing Solutions in 2008, a small business digital marketing agency, located in Orange County, California.

Stuart helps businesses find their customers, tell their story, and audit their marketing. He is the author of two books: Winning the Battle for Attention: Internet Marketing for Small Business and Small Business Marketing: A Guide for Survival, Growth, and Success. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University.

With over 30 years of professional business experience, Stuart is experienced in all aspects of digital marketing, entrepreneurship success, and growing a profitable business online.

In Stuart’s Special Single Section Online Success Journey, you’ll hear about how he journeyed to the path of success…

Stuart’s Atkins Marketing Solutions website can be found here:

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