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Thank you for your interest in the Online Success Journey podcast!

If you are an Online Business owner with a story to tell and a Success Journey to relate, I would love for you to be a part of this podcast and have the opportunity to share your story with my audience.

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  I’m Patience…

…and I have created the Online Success Journey.  Just a simple marketer desiring to share your Journey with others to provide inspiration and encouragement for them along the way.

Together we can accomplish that goal, and promote you and your products or services to a new and broader audience through audio media.

What is the Online Success Journey?

At a fundamental level, the Online Success Journey podcast is a weekly event targeting a wide spectrum of online business owners and those exploring opportunities online. The format is a casual question and answer audio event held over Skype and takes less than an hour of your time.

The Online Success Journey allows you to promote both yourself and your products or services, building your credibility, enhancing your expert status, and taking your message to a new audience. This combination allows you to both expand your community and increases sales opportunities.

Sound Interesting?

This Q & A will be recorded in two segments during a single session – one for public consumption and one for members-only access at the Online Success Journey. The segments are both stand-alone and complimentary, with unique elements for both the public and private audiences – making the Online Success Journey unique and an exciting opportunity.

It allows a wide range of listeners to hear your message at prime locations like iTunes for free, and a targeted audience who is highly focused on Online Business keys and growth to have private access to an audio segment designed to boost your sales and promotion efforts even more!

Next Steps…

I would love to send you a booking link and tell you more about the opportunity – so, please complete the information below and I’ll send you a confirmation email.

Once you confirm – you’ll be directed to the booking form to select a date and time for your interview, and you can respond online to a few questions that will help us get started on this Online Success Journey.

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